Intel Education Tablet

Intel has introduced a new convertible tablet aimed at the education market (specifically as a tool for students to use in their studies) conveniently dubbed the Intel Education 2-In-1. This latest product is a portable dockable tablet powered by an Intel Atom processor and running Windows 8.1 along with Intel Education software.


From a projector in the ceiling, different learning games and exercises are projected onto the floor and the children use their body as input device. Multiple children can use the system at the same time and the games are designed in a way that encourages collaboration and discussion.


iTeach is a Virtual Learning Environment customized for each individual school, which integrates digital resources, teaching & learning tools, an assessment module with auto corrected homework questions, a social learning portal, parental portal and much more into one “easy-to-use” platform.


Microsoft Office 365

Designed to help students and teachers work together in exciting ways, Microsoft global offering provides customers with access to Microsoft Office 365, best-in-class cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools. Enroll your school now.


Frog is a powerful and fully integrated learning platform, progress tracking and assessment system. Frog’s mission is to transform how technology is used in schools. It’s not just about providing everyone with the right tools – it’s about giving everyone the opportunity for a world-class education.

The School Management System

The School Management System is a comprehensive suite that automates most of the daily tasks performed by all school staff members. It is an innovative solution that Interconnects all school departments and streamlines academic and business processes and procedures.
Deploy The School Management System to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your communication with all stakeholders and deliver measurable business results!